Monday, November 7, 2011

A Halloween Remembrance

To say that Halloween was a complete bust this year is an royally stunk.  The whole week leading up to Halloween I had the worst case of strep throat I have had since childhood.  This caused me to miss all of Lilly's festivities.  Then on the actual Halloween Lilly came down with strep and had to stay in and pass out candy to all of her friends.  She had the best attitude about it, but it was still so sad. an effort to not feel so bad about the whole are some awesome pictures of Halloween in years' past.

Lilly's First Halloween---8 weeks old

           Oh yes we did dress her up as a lobster!                      And this is how she felt about it!

Lilly's Second Halloween---14 months old

She was some sort of pink cat....I think?

Lilly's Third Halloween---2 years old

My happy little flower.

Not a fan of pumpkin guts.

Lilly's Fourth Halloween----3 Years old

A lovely version of Cinderella...her favorite princess.

And Introducing...BABY GRAHAM!!!
His first Halloween-9 months and Lilly's 5th--4 years

Picking out the perfect pumpkin at 9 months old.

Yea...pretty sure he tasted the pumpkin guts.

And ended up naked because he covered himself in them...lots of fun!!!
 My little monkey man!

Lilly was very quick to correct anyone who thought she was a pretty bumble bee.  She would say, "I am a PRINCESS BUMBLEBEE thank you."  

Lilly's sixth Halloween and Graham's second.
5 and 21 months

 Even though we were not able to Trick or Treat the kids still dressed up for Lilly's Fall Festival at school. They were so cute. 
My two super hero's!!!

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