Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pro-Kid Leash

It's a running joke with me and my sister that God knew what He was doing when He gave her the twins because I couldn't handle them.
And that was proven this past weekend.

Lilly and I had a girls night planned with my sister, Aunt KK as Lilly calls her.  We were going to go to the high school football game and play with the boys and then spend the night.  We were super pumped!

We got to the school and ate dinner together on the football field (a perk of having a high school football coach for a brother-in-law).  Lilly loved watching the cheerleaders practice.  And I loved watching how my sister manages to feed the twins and still take a bite or two of food. 
After dinner we had to make the trek up the stands to the top of the grandstands for a potty break.  Cassie had one twin on her hip, a 31 large utility tote on the other shoulder (courtesy of me!) and a large sweet tea in the other hand.  I had one twin on my hip and Lilly holding my other hand.  We all started the march up the mountain as on-lookers stared open-mouthed at we were crazy ladies.  As we reached the summit of Mt. Pickens County High we were gasping for breath.  I even had to bend over for air...that's sad.  But what can I say...I'm not in super-duper shape. 
Now being the all-mighty older sister I said, "Cas, I'll watch the boys while you take Lilly to the bathroom."  To which she gave me the "you're crazy" look.  I said, "What!!!  I can handle them!" 
So she shrugged and gave me her large utility tote, and sweet tea.  At that moment we set both boys down at the same time...BIG MISTAKE!
They both took off running in opposite directions!!! 
One boy ran towards the street, while the other ran toward the edge of the stands. 
What did the all-knowing, wiser older sister do at this point? 
I could not believe what I was seeing.
Both boys sprinting towards their deaths!!
Cassie quickly snatched the one running into oncoming traffic while screaming at me to grab the other one.
In my frozen stupor of panic I watched as an old guardian angel grabbed the other one and turned to set him down.  He only moved the baby back about two feet but it was enough for me to snap out of it and do something.
Now the smart thing to do would be to drop the 31 bag and sweet tea to save my nephew.  But I was still coming out of my coma so all I knew to do was to stick out one leg in front of him so he couldn't go any farther while hopping on the other leg and managing to save every drop of that precious sweet tea. 
Quickly Cassie came to my rescue and snatched up the baby with a snarl on her face.  All she could say was, "NO!  You do not get to keep both kids!  I'm taking one with me!!!"  And she stomped off to the bathroom.
I could not believe what just happened.
I grabbed Kiptyn and headed to the bathroom trying to find the right words to say when she came out.  As I made the walk to the bathroom I kept hearing the verse, "He will not give you more than you can handle" going through my mind.  I couldn't help but smile because it is so true!  God knew I couldn't handle twins...and I'm ok with that. 
When Cassie came out of the bathroom we made eye contact and burst out laughing.  She said, "now do you know why I am getting them a kid leash!!"  And yes, I am now an advocate for the kid leash.
As we talked about it during the game we couldn't get over the fact that I never dropped the tea or the bag.  And to be honest I didn't even know I was holding them at that time.  I was just in so much shock.
Thankfully we made it through the evening with no one dying and no sweet tea spills.
My sister is amazing.  I am so proud of her and those precious little men. 
And I'm so thankful that my kids are 3 1/2 years apart.