Monday, February 28, 2011 I know it...

So my life is CRAZY right sum it all up.  I noticed that I had not posted a blog since Feb 4, and it feels like I just wrote that one last night!  This is how my month of February has gone:

Became a consultant for Thirty-One
Had 5 parties during the month!!
Discovered the house across the street...and really liked it!
Made an offer on the house...and it was accepted!!
Posted an ad on Craigslist to rent our home and had a response in 5 min from posting!
Going through the application process right now, but it's looking like we are about to be landlords!

I'm out of breath just reading that through.  I'm super excited about the upcoming changes, but I'm nervous too.  My prayer is that my kiddos will adjust to living across the street, and that I will adjust to having stairs in my home for the first time...yikes!  
Stay tuned...

Friday, February 4, 2011

It's Opposite Day!

We have moved on from "You're Fired"
Now the cry out is, "BUT IT'S OPPOSITE DAY!"

Lilly has recently learned the meaning of the word opposite.  She has been dabbling with the word for a few months, but it has now taken on yet another way to give her a feeling of power.

Just yesterday at the breakfast table I said, "Lilly eat your eggs or they will get cold." 
To which she responded, "No, I will not"
As I set my fork down to begin the discipline process she quickly retracted, "BUT IT'S OPPOSITE DAY!  No means yes, yes means no."  (spoken with a sweet smile)
I said, "Ok baby, now eat your eggs."
She responded..."no mama, say Lilly do not eat your eggs, and I will not eat them."
At this point I'm completely confused.
"Ok baby, do not eat your eggs" 
Then she responded with a sly smile, "good, I'm done anyway" 
WHAT!!!!!  She is way too smart for me. 
If this continues...I'm in trouble.