Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Ultimate Interview

The other morning as I was drying my hair I started reflecting. 
That's a good time for a mommy to reflect. 
You can close the door because Heaven forbid you disturb the sacred cartoon time.  And while the door is closed you can't hear them fight over the blanket or who is eating the most dry cereal. 
It is quiet.
And so I began to reflect.
I started thinking about my other life.  (No I don't have 3 kids with another dude in Montana)
I was thinking about my job before the kids were born.
Before the days of cooking, cleaning and playing all day I was a Project Coordinator for the Facilities Management Department at Chick-fil-A Corporate.  It was a fantastic job for an amazing company.  Thousands of people apply to work at the corporate office and they only hire between 50 and 100 people a year.  The way that I got in the door was through my Aunt who worked at a temp agency.  For about a year and a half I worked in the department as a temp, and then they hired me on full time for the next year and a half.
I guess what I was reflecting on the other day was the interview process.
In order for me to be hired as a temp I went through three very intense interviews.  They followed this up by drilling my references for 45min to an hour each over the phone.  My references each called me afterward and said I owed them.  It was that intense.  But I made it through!  They hired me!!!  After a year and a half they decided they liked me and asked if I wanted to be hired on full time through them.  I thought it would be simple, but they said I would have to interview against other candidates for my own job!!!  I was surprised but proceeded with the process.  After four very intense interviews I was do the job I had already been doing.  I find it comical now, but I know they were just trying to give everyone a shot.

So as I was reflecting on this interview process the other day I thought to myself, "what if I had to interview for my job now as a mommy?  What if I had to do an interview with God in order to prove that I could parent?  Would He hire me?  Would I pass?"  I started thinking about what kind of questions He would ask me.  Would He say, "are you ready to be up all night sometimes?  Do you fully understand the car seat manual?  Do you know how to tell if your kid swallowed a penny?"
Or would it be more like,
"In what ways are you going to teach My children about Me?"
"How are you going to show them My light?"
I know that my interview with CFA was intense, but I get the feeling that my interview to be a mommy would be so much greater. 
That got me thinking,
"Am I doing everything in my day to show them God's love?" 
"Does my light shine?  Can they even see it?"
"What can I do better to teach them and lead them to God?"
I feel like the objective of my job is to lead them to the Lord and pray that they accept Him.  It is the scariest task I have ever had. 
But I am up for the challenge.
He didn't lead me to this task unequipped.  I have His word and a sense of humor so I think I have all the tools I can have in order to do this job to the best of my abilities.


  1. We had a rough day here and this was wonderful to read. Thanks for your beautiful words. God did "hire" us for this job knowing full well that we are capable...with the help of his Holy Spirit. Praying for you sister as we go through this part of our "jobs" together.

  2. Hi Brittney- I'm friends with Katie Rouse (I've actually met you a time or two)- she linked me over to your blog about a year ago and I love it, but this is just plain awesome! I'm going to link to it on my blog today- thanks for sharing!