Saturday, October 1, 2011


Graham has taught me so much during his first 21 months of life.  Among the many things this first-time-mommy-to-a-boy has learned is patience.  Well...I can't say I have learned but am learning patience.  There is a big difference.
One way I know that I am improving in this area is by the way my actions proved themselves the other day.

Graham and I are spending lots of time together these days...just the two of us.  With Lilly in 5-day preschool we have 5 mornings with just us. 
I am absolutely loving it!!!!
We have fun chasing balls, playing with cars and pretending to be dinosaurs.  He is also in the phase where he likes to help me do chores.
The other morning I was sweeping/swiffering the downstairs.  Graham had the broom and I had the swiffer.  Then we would swap.  All the while I had a load of laundry running. 
After finishing the living room I walked into the kitchen to put the broom away.  I quickly noticed water creeping its way out of the laundry room and entering the kitchen. 
I screamed!
I ran into the laundry room to find the hose had worked its way loose from the back of the washer.
No big deal right?...WRONG!!!
My laundry room is only big enough for a washer and dryer.  So I had to figure out a way to pull the washer out all the while wading in ankle deep water.
I was able to move it to the side just enough to start squeezing behind.  As I was squeezing I felt my pelvis say..."No Way!!"  and then I knew it...I was stuck.
At that exact moment Graham deciding to come running to his Mommy's rescue.  I heard the pounding of his little feet in the other room.
I was in the middle of saying "Don't Run!!!!"  When he came dashing into the flooded room and slipped.  It was a slip that reminded me of a ball player sliding into home. 
Of course he was mad because he was soaked!  But what could I do...I WAS STUCK!!! 
Then I heard in the distance the sound of Beans running.  I guess she thought she could help.  But all she could do was run into the room and slip and fall as well.
Did I mention I had just given her a bath?  Now she was wading in dirty washing machine water with a screaming little boy on his bottom and a stuck mama.
What could I do?
All I could do....LAUGH!!!
We all looked hysterical! 
As Graham watched his mama pressed up against a wall and a washing machine he began to see the humor in the situation as well...and he began to laugh...which led to splashing.
I knew that I couldn't stay there all day so I started wiggling.  Eventually my pelvis gave in and I was able to get un-stuck.  But it wasn't without a fight...and I was sore for a day or so after that. 
When it was all said and done I fixed the washer and mopped up all the dirty water and then re-mopped with clean water.  I had the cleanest laundry room/bathroom floor on the street!!!
And then I had time to reflect.
Needless to say I was pretty proud of myself. 
The pre-Graham Brittney would've been incredibly put-out by the situation.  I would have been in a bad mood for a while and then I probably would've griped about it to everyone I came into contact with.  But I didn't do that!!!
I laughed!!!!
I am learning how things don't always work out the way they are supposed to...and that's ok. 
I'm learning that it doesn't always have to be easy...and that makes it more fun sometimes.
I'm learning that God is using so many things about my day to teach me patience. 
I have so desperately needed to learn this.
I give a lot of the credit to my little man because he gives me a run for my money sometimes. 
But I am so thankful that I am getting better and maybe someday I will say I've accomplished it...I'm Patient!!!

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