Saturday, August 27, 2011

My first haircut!!!

Today was an exciting day in the Holland house.  My 19-month old little man was going to get his first haircut!  We have been letting it grow and grow and finally we have had enough!  He has been sweating all the time under that mop...and it was time to say goodbye!
We were a little nervous on how he would handle it all. 
Here is a photo montage of the way it went down...

 We arrived to Salon Red to find the ac was out!  It was a sweltering 95 degrees outside!

That didn't stop this shaggy man from being excited!  He was ready for his first haircut.
The day before his puppy dog Beans had her haircut.  So we pumped him up by saying he was
getting his haircut just like Beans!  That put a big smile on his face.

Our good friend Chelsea put a car wrap around him.  He thought it was so cool!!

 You can tell he was hot because his hair starts to look more and more wet...and that was sweat!

 And when it was all over he was awarded with a sucker and a Popsicle!
Chelsea said he was the best first haircut client she has ever had. 

Sweaty and all...he was pretty proud of himself.


  1. I don't know how you got your always-on-the-move guy to sit so still!

  2. He looks just like his daddy!! Awe and I bet you saved his little hair clippings! I would've been standing underneath each one with a baggy!lol:) so sweet:)