Monday, August 8, 2011

That's How it Goes!

Being a mommy to two children; I should know better!!!

Nothing ever, EVER goes the way it is supposed to go.

However, in my fantasy mommy world (shouldn't there be a game called that?) I keep thinking that things will go a certain way...and this time was no different.

Lilly started school today.   It's not kindergarten yet, but it is a 5-day a week Jr. Kindergarten in my's a big deal. 
Last week we went to her open house and all was well.
Last night I prepared everything for the big day:  snacks, pressed clothes, school bag.
We were ready!
Then the sun went down...(wait...haven't I said that before?)
As I was putting Lilly's new school dress on the hanger I noticed a rip in the seam.  I didn't think it was too big of a deal...but it's the first day of school...and I knew that it would be unacceptable to my little princess.
Now here's the thing (pause for embarrassment) I don't know how to sew.  I'm not sure why, but I never felt the need to learn.  So I quickly called the magical Mimi (my mom) and said, "Crisis!!!  Lilly's dress has a tear"  To which she said, "No big deal I will sew it up in the morning before we go to school." (Magnificent Mimi can do everything...even sew a dress on the big first day of school!)
Crisis averted!

During the middle of the night Graham woke up with a nightmare.  He was screaming.  This was the kind of screaming that yanks a mama out of bed to a full-on sprint...stumbling involved.
After some soothing he went back to sleep with ease.
I, however, was awake enough to run a marathon.
So I laid back down and stared at the ceiling.
During the next two hours I managed to solve most of the world's problems...then my alarm went off.
It was still dark because I knew I needed to get completely ready for the day. 
***sidebar--even mama's feel the need to impress on the first day...don't know why***
At 6:41am there was another startling scream upstairs followed by a loud thud.
Only half-way dressed, I dashed upstairs to get Graham before he woke up his sister.  The thud however, was Lilly leaping out of bed to go to her brother's rescue. 
6:41 is not a good time for Grambo.  He needs to sleep until at least 7:15 to be a happy boy for the I knew I was in for it.
As I walked out of my room I noticed my cell phone on his dresser.  I thought to myself, "you big dummy...if someone called in the night it could have woken Graham up!"
I opened the phone to see A MISSED CALL AT 6:41AM!!!!
It was my fault!!! 
The caller was marvelous mimi...and that worried me because she never calls that early.  Through an unexpected Chief visit at 6:55 I found out that she was sick and was calling to tell me Chief was coming over to get the dress so she could sew it. 

For the next half hour I proceeded to get ready with an 18-month old on my hip because the angry wooden floor monster kept making him cry.
Finally it was time to walk out the door.
The dress was fixed, mama was dressed, and the crying had stopped.

When we got to school Lilly was so excited.  I had my camera in my hand ready to go!  I couldn't wait to capture her walking in the classroom and turning to tell me goodbye.
As she walked in the school she was a girl on a mission.  There was no chatting about the beautiful decorations, no anticipating what snack time held...she was ready to get to her room.
As she put her bag on her hook and hugged her teacher I was snapping shots.  In between I kept saying, "Bye sweetheart!  Bye Lilly!" 
No response.
"Bye babydoll!  Bye Lilly-boo!" 
Still no response.
Finally she was in the classroom and her sweet teacher could tell that this mama was not leaving until she got some sort of recognition.
So her teacher said, "Lilly, do you want to tell your mama bye?"
To which Lilly ran out and said, "Oh yea...bye brother!!"
She tells the little guy who whacks her in the head with a muffin, jumps on top of her while watching cartoons, screams at her until he gets what he wants...she told him goodbye!
I couldn't help but giggle and walk away.

She is ready.
I've done my job.
Small pat on the back for me.

Even though NOTHING went right this morning I learned that I really need to stop having glorious expectations for those big milestones.  And for goodness sakes...learn how to sew!!!

Little Diva is ready to go!!!

Do you see what I'm talking about!  
Poor Grumpy-man

One last smile before she forgot about me.


  1. I loved reading your fantastic account of Lilly's first day of school. You really are the new Erma Bombeck! Keep on writing.

  2. Keep me in mind when you need an agent......or a sewing instructor. Can't wait to see you tonight!

  3. I know all about those expectations we put on ourselves :)

  4. thanks made me laugh out work and then i got the "look" from my coworkers hahaha...oh well who cares!