Friday, August 5, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Today I begin the process of saying goodbye to the lazy summer days.
Lilly starts Jr.K on Monday!!!
Last year we made the incredibly difficult decision to keep her out of preschool...due to some tight finances.  It turned out to be an incredible decision.
I was able to do some of my own preschooling at home with her.  We learned a lot together.
She learned her letters and numbers.
I learned that teaching is not for everyone!
She learned how to write her name.
I learned that my patience needs some work.
But together we learned that precious time spent together is worth more than anything else.
I am so thankful for all of the days where I didn't have to rush us out the door.
For the days where we could watch the extra cartoon snuggled up under the blanket.
It has been very nice.
Now comes the fun and exciting part of journeying off to school. 
I am a little nervous about the drive (19 miles each way) but I believe we have found a great school.
I know she will thrive in this environment, and it will really show us if we can afford to continue the private school route that we desire for the kids.
So goodbye slow mornings...but hello new ideas, stories, and creative driving games!

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