Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Trinity...from a 5 year old's point of view

I love to carpool!!!  (I know that doesn't fit with my title...but it will make sense later)

One of the things I love about carpooling, besides the savings on gas, is the conversations that take place in the backseat between a 6 year old boy and my 5 year old Lilly (or Lillian as she is preferring these days.)

We carpool with my bud Annie and her kids.  On Monday's and Friday's I drive us down to school.  There are always interesting conversations that take place; like the fact that Reid wants to marry Lilly but she always shoots him down with the comment, "Reid only God knows who I am going to marry...and it's not you!"  I keep telling her this playing hard-to-get is just making him want to marry her more.  But the conversation on Monday took the cake for hysterical.

The setup:
As we were driving we were listening to Christmas music.  This made Reid think about his favorite music group.

The dialog:
Reid:  "I like the band Switchfoot because they sing about God."
Lilly:  "I believe in God"
Reid:  "Me too"
Lilly:  "I believe in God and Jesus too!"
Reid:  "They are the same person"
Lilly:  "Well I believe in God and Jesus...and SANTA CLAUSE!" 
---insert a swerve in the driving because I was stifling a laugh---
Reid:  "I don't believe in Santa Clause"
Lilly:  "WHAT!!!!  Well then, you are not getting any presents this year"
Reid:  "Yes I am...he always brings me presents"
Lilly:  "Not if you don't believe in him!"
Reid:  "Well God doesn't want us believing in Him and in Santa Clause"
Lilly:  "Yes He does!!  We need to believe in all 3!"
Reid:  "But God and Jesus are the same!"
Lilly:  "Well if you don't believe in Santa you are not getting any presents"
Reid:  "Yes I am"
Lilly:  "Reid...I am done arguing with you.  I'm looking out my window now"

I felt like I should interrupt...but their little minds were really trying to figure it all out and it was so cute! 
Lilly has no idea what the Trinity is, but I like her take on it.

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  1. I can't believe you are carpooling with...Annie Caison? Small world.