Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Markers, Slugs, and a Loose Tooth...OH MY!!!

Today was one of those days for the record books...or blog.
It was a great day...just crazy, funny and exciting all at once!

--It started off with a green marker.-- 
Graham has learned to sneak up the stairs without me knowing it.  I know I should have a baby gate at the bottom, but it's not that big of a deal.  He is almost two and has pretty much mastered the art of climbing.  So as I was completing the dishes this morning I heard a very faint, "mommy" off in the distance.  I knew that meant he was in his room with the door closed...uh oh.
I quickly dashed up the stairs and into his room to find him standing there with a green marker...opened!!!  As I looked around the room I saw his art work everywhere.  He drew on the walls, his toys, and of course himself.  Now I have never actually said, "Do not color on the walls"  So I didn't feel the need to discipline only to show him what he was allowed to draw on.  I took him to the other room and got out a piece of paper and colored on it and said, "See buddy, this is what you color on" to which he looked incredibly disappointed.  I understood, I mean I think coloring on a wall is more fun than paper, but what can I say...those are the rules.  We then proceeded to scrub his arms and face to get the marker off and then we both got a wet cloth and wiped down his room.  Thankfully it was washable (big props to the folks who invented that!).  So that started off my morning with a good cleaning and a big smile.
Then something else happened...

--It looked like a slug.--
As the morning moved on I proceeded with my routine of cleaning and playing.  During one of my laundry runs I walked by the kitchen counter and noticed a slug on the counter.  It was a big, gigantic black slug!!!  I stood there in horror.  What was I to do?  All of a sudden the slug jumped.  I had no idea slugs could jump.  But this one jumped!  And when it jumped I noticed this slug had fins.  Hmmm...that's not right.  As I examined it more closely I realized it was our family fish Rapunzel!!!  She had leapt out of her bowl and was laying lifeless on the counter. 
Now was the proper time to panic! 
After a quick MacGyver move, including a washcloth and a sippy-cup, I succeeded in transporting her back into the bowl.  This was accompanied with lots of screams and jumps...I don't like squishy things! 
To wrap it all up...

--It's Loose!!!!--
Lilly had a dentist appointment this afternoon.  When her cleaning was over she came running into the waiting room screaming, "I have a loose tooth!!!"  I cannot believe it!  My little girl is big enough to lose a tooth!  I guess the toothfairy will be paying a visit to the Holland house in the next few weeks or months.  SO EXCITING!!!! 

Now that the day is coming to a close I'm flat out exhausted.  It was one of those days that I look back on and think I'm so glad I'm a mommy and that I get to experience all of the crazy things that go on in my house.

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