Monday, November 14, 2011

Brother/Sister Lingo

Graham is reaching the age where he understands absolutely everything we say, but cannot quite communicate what he wants to say back.  However, he and his sister can enjoy some very interesting conversations.

For example:
The other day in the car Lilly was thirsty.  Graham had a sippy cup of juice and Lilly asked him for a sip to which he adamantly said "NO! MINE!"  She did not give up so easily.  She asked several times before I finally intervened.  I said, "Graham why don't you let Lilly have a sip.  She is very thirsty.  It would be so nice to share."  To which he responded, "NO!"  This made Lilly very unhappy.  So she said to Graham, "GRAHAM!!!  IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU ALL THE TIME!!!!   IT'S ABOUT ME ALL THE TIME TOO!!!!"  We almost drove off the road laughing...but this made since to Graham...and he proceeded to hand the cup over to his sister.

Then tonight after dinner another funny brother/sister conversation occurred.
A game of roll-the-duct-tape-across-the-floor was underway.  (Who needs toys when you have duct tape!)  They were having a great time but then the 2-year old nature took over.  Graham decided he no longer wanted to roll the tape.  It was more fun to hold onto and say "MINE!"  (Gotta love that word!)  Lilly tried several times to start the game back up, but it was much more fun for him to say "MINE!"  So Lilly tried the rejected approach.  She walked away very sad and slumped over.  This immediately got his attention and he ran to her rescue with duct-tape outstretched. 
Lilly perked up immediately and said "Graham, are you going to share?"
Graham said "Ya"
Lilly said "Do you promise to share?"
Graham said, "Ya"
Lilly said, "Are you positive?"
Graham said, "Ya!"
Lilly said, "Are you negative?"
Graham said, "Ya!"
Lilly ran hollering at me, "Graham said he's negative!!!!  He won't share!!!"
To which he was very confused.

I absolutely love these conversations they are beginning to have.  It makes my day so interesting.

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