Thursday, May 3, 2012

Never A Dull Moment!!

We took the kids to the Braves game over the weekend and had a blast!!!  It just happened to be Ultimate Kid's Day...and Tim's birthday!  So that worked out pretty well.
As we were sitting in our seats the vendors would walk up and down the aisle shouting whatever they were selling.  Sometimes it would be "Get your ice cold water here!" Or sometimes they would shout "Frozen Lemonade!"  But one guy really caught the attention of my little man.
He would walk up the aisle and say "Cold Beer!"  over and over again. 
I didn't think anything about it because the kids were really into the game.
But then I started hearing Graham say something over and over again that I couldn't really make out. 
He would say, "Co Beeeeeeaaa!" 
and then again, "Co Beeeeeaaa!!"
I started putting two and two together and realized what he was repeating.
Tim realized it at the same time too.
We made eye contact, turned our heads, and quietly burst out laughing (so he wouldn't see us).
Lilly has become quite fluent in her brother's language lately and quickly picked up on what he was shouting as well.
She said, "Mommy...what is cold beer anyway?"
Suddenly the game stopped. 
It felt like everyone in the stadium turned to see what I was going to say...even Chipper Jones on third base!!! (ok...a little exaggeration...but that's what it felt like)
I simply stated it was a gross adult drink...and that seemed to work.
She went back to doing the Tomahauk Chop, and Graham went back to saying "Co Beeeeaaaa!"
It really was a great afternoon.

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