Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Guess They All Love 'em!

I love having a little boy!  It is so much fun...and so funny!
This face really says it all.

The morning this picture was taken we were very surprised by something Graham said.  He is talking in complete sentences and sometimes we are completely taken back by what are almost 2 1/2 year old knows.

On this particular Saturday morning we were all eating our usual breakfast together...pancakes and eggs.  This is a treat that we all look forward to every Saturday.
Lilly and Graham almost always sit by each other at the table on the bench seat and this morning was no exception. 
As Lilly was eating she got cold and pulled her knees up and then proceeded to pull her nightgown over her knees.  I smiled because that is how I used to eat my breakfast every single day as a kid. 
Graham ate a few bites and watched her.
Then he ate a few more and looked away.
I could tell he was thinking.
Finally he looked back at her and in the most puzzling/curious way he made his move:
He cupped his hand
Reached over
And grabbed her nightgown covered knee.
At the same time he asked (very innocently) "Ninee have boobies now?"
Lilly absolutely lost it.
If pancakes could have come out her nose I believe they would have.
She was laughing hysterically...and of course we were too.
Probably not the correct parenting move...but I don't care who you are...that is funny!
This only encouraged the trapped teenage inside Graham and he continued grabbing his sister's knee and chanting "Ninee have boobies!  Ninee have boobies" in the little kid taunting style voice we all used to use.
Finally the proper mommy came back to me and I showed him it was just her knees and that he did NOT need to grab other peoples body parts.
I glanced across the table hoping to get some man help but all I saw was supreme pride beaming out of my husbands eyes towards his son.
All he could say was "see...we all love 'em!"

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