Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Wee...Wee Problem

+++I will be tastefull in this blog as it might embarrass my little man someday+++

Wee have a problem.
It is not a huge problem, but a wee problem.

The day Graham discovered he had a "wee" I knew wee were in for it.  You can weefresh your memory with that link if you have forgotten.
Ever since that hysterical day wee have not been able to get him to leave "it" alone.  There are several times during the day that it bothers him.  These times happen to be after he wakes up from sleeping all night and after his nap.  He will often shout at the TOP of his lungs "MY WEE WEE HURTS!"  This has been shouted all over my house, in the carpool line at school, in every grocery store in Henry county and in nice quiet places like the doctors office or the library.  Needless to say, wee have gotten used to these "attacks" and have learned how to deal with them. (Usually some loud shushing and throwing a hand over his mouth).
The other day Graham discovered a way to alleviate this "discomfort" for himself. 
As wee were in the booth at Truett's I turned to see my sons two hands down his pants and diaper. 
I pulled them out quickly and said, "Graham...what are you doing?"
To which he replied in a normal tone, "My wee wee hurts"
I said, "Ok, but why are you putting your hands in your diaper?"
He said, "just cause".
REALLY?  How did my two year old know to respond like that?
Ever since then I have seen him do this many times:
Watching TV (hmmm...did he pick this up from Daddy?)
Reading a book
Even outside while riding his bike.  He has one hand on the handle and one hand in his pants!
(that's talent...I don't care who you are!)
So on one hand wee have solved the problem of the wee wee shouts, but now I always wonder "where exactly have those hands been?" 
Oh well...another challenge in this mysterious world of boys.  So while I try to figure this one out, I will just look at this adorable face and thank the Lord for my funny and precious little man.

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  1. Eric reached his hand down his pants during story time at the library the other day and just stood there and listened to the librarian read a book...just standing there in front of everybody with his hand in his pants.