Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oh No! He's Discovered "IT"

When the nurse said, "Well, it looks like you are having a boy!" I literally screamed!  I was that excited!  She immediately reprimanded me and I put my hand over my mouth like a two-year old...but that's another story. 
And in about as much time as it took me to scream with elation, I was immediately consumed with reality...
"Oh my gosh I'm having a boy.  What do I do with a boy?  How do I take care of a boy?  What do I do with that...thing?"  Those are just a few of the questions that consumed me while the cold jelly was being rubbed over my belly that day.
I eventually got over it...and had my adorable little guy.
For the first few months I couldn't tell the difference between a baby boy and baby girl.  They both just lay there, make little noises, and poop...no big deal.  Even diaper changes weren't nearly as traumatic as I envisioned them. 
Then it happened.
The thing that I knew would happen.
He found his "thingy". 
Last night in the bath tub Graham stood up and pee-peed.  The sound of it caught his attention and he looked down...
I tried to stop him! 
I knew that once he saw "it" there would be no turning back.
And, like a kid who tries candy for the first time, he grabbed "it" and looked at me.
Even though my little man can only say a few words...his eyes told it all:
"Mommy...what's this!  Why haven't you showed "it" to me before!  Watch me make "it" disappear!  Watch me try to pull "it" off!  LISTEN TO MY HYSTERICAL GIGGLE!!!!"
Now what! 
I'm at a complete loss for words. 
I have no idea what to do...and of course Lilly is observing all of this.
Tim walks in at this point and cracks up.
And of course...he has to throw in his two cents..."see, God gave us a permanent toy!" 
Now it is night two of Magellan's "discovery".
I was thinking that maybe he would've forgotten all about his "new toy"...he is a guy right? 
Well of course he didn't forget! 
As soon as that tiny tooshy hit the water his little fingers went straight for "it".  But tonight he was the conqueror!  Gone was the look of innocent discovery.  Tonight he was all about conquering this "new world."  And since he couldn't tell me how proud he was to explore his "new territory" he simply stated it with an Indian noise..."IIIIIIIIIIIII-YIIIIIIIII-YIIIIIIIIII" (not really sure how to describe this noise...but I've heard Indian's make it at pow-wow's on TV).
So what do I do with this?  I know that he's a boy...and this is supposed to happen...but I'm not a boy!  I didn't have any brother's.  I didn't even own a boy animal! 
So I will do my best to navigate these new waters...and try not to let him see me laughing.


  1. Having watched three boys find their "thingys," I laughed out loud at your story. The motherhood adventure continues!

  2. Don't worry...it's just a phase. I'm sure he'll get over it :)