Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Carrot Explosion

When Lilly was a baby I decided to try my hand at making baby food.  I thought it would be a great way to save money and a way to give her the best possible nutrition...pat on the back.  For seven months I made her baby food, and I barely used the store bought baby food.
Needless to say when baby number two came around I was going to do the same thing...little did I know I would barely have time to shower much less make homemade baby food!  But, I was not ready to give up!  So I resigned myself to the fact that jar baby food wasn't so bad and if I could throw in SOME homemade baby food I was doing good.
The other day Publix had carrots on sale and I decided to make Graham some steamed carrot baby food....yum yum!
During his nap I had time to wash and chop up the carrots (while reading a story to Lilly) and put them in the steamer.  He woke up before they were done cooking.  So with baby-on-hip I poured the cooked carrots into the blender and turned it on.  All was going well...Graham was enjoying watching the carrots in the blender and Lilly was playing with her imaginary friend Dave (more on him later).  During the blending process, several of the carrot pieces got stuck to the side of the blender.  So I grabbed my spatula and gently pushed them down into the blades (this is where I messed up).  I realized at this point that I needed to set the spatula down, "hmmm," I thought, "I really don't want to set this down on the counter and get orange carrot juice on the counter."  So, in my sleep-deprived brain, I thought it would be a good idea to leave the spatula IN the blender.  How quickly I forgot that the ONLY job of a blender is to pull food down and chop it up.  As I was stepping to the side to grab a napkin, the vicious blender proceeded to pull the unsuspecting spatula down into its grasp.  As soon as the spatula hit the blades an eruption, unlike any I have ever seen, proceeded to take place.  Carrots shot into the air and covered the following surfaces:  ceiling, cabinets, sink, fridge, door, me and Graham...and the counter!  The counter that I was SO worried about getting a spec of carrot juice on was now unrecognizable!
I quickly turned off the blender as Graham turned to look at me.  If an eight month old can give you an "are you kidding me" look...he did.
And he had jar baby food for lunch.


  1. Cracks me up girl! Baby number two is all different...just go to the jar. He'll be on table food soon anyways!

  2. I hope thinking about how funny your blog entry would be helped you get through the cleanup.

  3. E just started eating solids last week and we've only done the ever so easy sweet potato. I haven't figured how/if I'll be able to do it this time around.

  4. SO funny!! Did you get a picture of you guys covered in carrots? :)