Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ezra's Story

This is the story of how my precious Ezra came into the world.  It is not graphic and gory; just simply his story.

It all started at 37 weeks.  That's when I went into false labor and had to do the preggo walk of shame.  For the next two weeks I experienced unimaginable pregnant pains and emotions.  I knew my baby was going to be big because each week I was measuring one to two weeks ahead of schedule.  I had a terrible pinched nerve in my back on the right side which was causing unbelievable swelling in my right leg and foot.  I looked like the hunch back of notre dame walking around...it was ridiculous.  I was also having silly hormone breakdowns all the time.  I could cry at any commercial on tv and laugh at some of the most ridiculous jokes my family would tell me.
But through all of these difficult days I knew that eventually it would end and my little boy would be in my arms.
On Tuesday, June 12 I had a doctor's appointment with a different doctor.  I had decided I was going to plead my case with her about moving my induction date up 5 days.  I had decided I would get down on my knees if I had to and beg...I was that desperate for relief. 
Once she saw me she said, "Oh honey...you do not need to be pregnant anymore."  And she got on her phone and moved my date up to the 15th instead of the 20th.  I was 4 cm dilated at this point.
To say that I was overcome with joy is an understatement.  I almost cried right there on the table. 
This gave me a whole new sense of purpose.  I knew I could get through 3 more days of pain. 
Still in my heart I prayed that God would allow me to go into labor on my own (something I had never experienced). 
But alas, that was not to be.
On Friday morning at 7am, Tim and I headed into the delivery room.  We were so excited!  What was even cooler was the fact that it was the same delivery room that Lilly and Graham were born in.  We knew that we were going to have fun reminiscing their deliveries together.
At 8am my doctor came in and said he was going to break my water to see if that would kick-start my labor.  He didn't want to use pitossin on me if he didn't have to. 
So my water broke...and still nothing.
After about an hour he came back in and said I was going to need the pitossin drip.
So they started me on that about 9:00.
This is when it got a little scary.
The doctor watched Ezra's heart rate for a while and then said he was not pleased with the rythym.  Basically there were not enough squiggly lines for him to be comfortable.  He told me if it did not improve I would have to have a c-section. 
This really scared me.  So we started calling and texting people to pray for squiggly lines.

Having been on the pitossin for a bit, I began to progress very quickly.  This was just like my other two deliveries .  Within a half hour I was almost ripping the rails off the bed.  My nurse came in and said, "Brittney...I think it's time for your epidural." 
I couldn't see straight at this point so Tim answered for me...YES!
Luckily the anesthesiologist was right outside my door and came in to perform his magic.
***side note*** I'm all for going natural if you can...but God bless the man (or woman) who came up with the idea of an epidural...MIRACLE DRUG!!!****
So after the epidural was in place I began to rest very comfortably.
And God began to work on Ezra's heart.
We started seeing squiggly lines again!  It was such an answer to prayer.
The nurse said it looked like we were in the clear and that I should get some rest.
After a few quick hours it was time to push.
Now I have been a very blessed woman in my previous deliveries when it comes to pushing.  I pushed for 20 minutes with Lilly and 30 with Graham.  So I just knew I could do it!
I started pushing around 1:30.  The doctor said that Ezra was sunny-side-up and that was going to make things more difficult.  So he said he would try and turn him while I pushed.  This continued for quite sometime.  Finally he said the best he could do was sideways.  I continued pushing and pushing with all my might.  Thankfully Ezra's heart was handling everything just fine, but I was wearing out quickly. 
Tim was amazing.  He had a system of cheering, ice chips, oxygen...over and over.  Even the doctor said he was impressed with my support system. 
Finally after 1 whole hour of pushing, Ezra made his grand sideways entrance into the world!  As soon as he was out the nurse said, "no wonder he wouldn't come out...he's huge for your little body!"  And boy was she right!  He came into this world a whopping 8lbs 5oz...almost a whole pound bigger than his brother and sister!  I laughed when I saw him because I couldn't believe my eyes either!

He was a little blue when he came out because he didn't scream.  The doctor thinks his position is the reason for the fainter heartbeat.  He was having a harder time getting oxygen with the way he was situated inside me. 

There are no words to describe how relieved I was that he made it into the world safe and sound.  I am so blessed to have my new little guy in my arms now, and to have him here healthy.  I love him so much and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for him.

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