Friday, June 15, 2012

A Few Thoughts While in Labor

So it's 8:40am on June 15 and right now I'm in labor. 
As I am lying in this hospital bed right now I can't help but think.
Of course a lot of thoughts are running through my head right now but mostly I'm comparing all three of my labors.  This is what I have so far:
-All 3 of my children are going to be born in the same room!  I don't know why...but I think this is so cool.  Tim took it a step farther and said that because the bed is in the same spot as it was with the other 2 deliveries this means that all 3 of our children will come into the world in the exact same longitude/latitude position.  I just got a kick out of this.
-Something else kind of cool, all 3 of our children will be born on a Friday.  I like that.  The weekends are always amazing so I think that I have 3 kiddos that will always love their weekends.
-Another similarity is that my body just won't do the whole labor thing by itself.  This is a bummer to me because I have always wanted to go into labor.  I think the idea of your water breaking at the salad bar is so cool.  But body prefers to drink potossin (sp?) instead.

So right now I am trying to get some contraction action going.  The doctor just broke my water and I am playing the waiting game.
But as I look across the room I see the sweet little baby bed just waiting for its little occupant.  I can't help but to be overcome with emotion.  I am about to meet my new little man. 
I am so thankful and so happy that the Lord has chosen to bless me again with a baby. 

And those are my thoughts while in easy labor. 
Ask me my thoughts in a few hours and I will probably sock you in the head.

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