Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Day Worth Noting

Even though we are still in the middle of unpacking almost 9 years worth of "stuff"...my kiddos can still lighten the mood with something funny...
Here's how today unfolded...

I was getting the kids dressed to go outside and I was talking to Lilly about how she is not responsible for disciplining Graham.  (She has become quite the little mommy)  I said, "Lilly it's Mommy and Daddy's job to discipline Graham...not you."  To which she responded, "no, I think he can listen to me too and obey me."  I sweetly smiled and said, "well do you remember what the Bible says about that?"  And before she could answer me Graham proudly stood up and yelled, "ROARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!"   Because right now all animals say roar to him...even caterpillars...and he understands almost all of what we say. 
So I guess the Bible is an animal to him!

...Later in the day...

Lilly has become too busy to use the bathroom these days.  She is always in the middle of an elaborate plan, or telling me a detailed event.  And if the "urge" hits her she doesn't want to stop for a quick break.
On our way home from dinner tonight she yelled out, "quick I have to go tinkle!" 
We were about three miles from home and told her to hold it. 
She was very quiet.
After about two minutes she said, "wouldn't it be cool if there was a potty with a button on it and when you pushed it the potty would shrink down so it would be small enough to fit in your pants and then you could go tinkle in it and never stop what you are doing!  It would be called the Shrinky Potty!" 
Needless to say we were quite amazed at her imagination.

And those are just two of the sweet things my children said today that made my upside down life seem normal again.


  1. How cute! It would be so fun to get the kids together sometime. I wish "ya'll" lived closer.

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