Sunday, April 3, 2011

I want...therefore I scream!

Graham is precious...let me just start by saying that...

But lately he has entered a "not-so-precious" phase.
He is now a screamer...
and not just any normal 15 month old scream...
it's blood-curdling...
it's nails-on-a-chalkboard...
it's grab-my-hair-with-two hands!!!
It would be different if he screamed because he was tired or hungry.
Now it's a scream for the fact that his sister is sitting in the exact spot that he wants on the WD-40 cart at Home Depot! 
It's a scream because I chose the wrong side dish on his plate of food!  He wanted the lima beans not the carrots right next to it.
It's a scream because I'm loving on his sister and not on him at that exact moment...
and so on
and so on
I'm having a hard time not giving into his every whim just to appease him.  I think it's because I'm so tired right now I'd rather give him what he wants than teach him.
(I will snap out of that in about .5seconds...I promise.)
After he has screamed at me for a few seconds and flung himself on the dryer, or dish washer, or whatever appliance happens to be near by, he then turns around and realizes no one cares (even Lilly just shrugs her shoulders and walks away)...and then he proceeds to snap out of it and turns back into my sweet baby boy.
I keep telling myself..."this too shall pass"
And eventually I will look on this and laugh...just not right now  =)

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