Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Great Expectations

Today I worked with Lilly on the scientific method.
I am NO scientist, but I remember a little bit about experiments.
We were conducting an experiment on the temperature of the windows.
I would ask her to touch one window and then another one and then we would compare.
I even worked on teaching her about a hypothesis.
At the end of the experiment I had her draw out her conclusion.
I was pretty proud of my teaching method...and even more proud of the way Lilly grasped it all.
However, my pat on the back didn't last long...
when we were all done I said, "wow Lilly you would make an awesome Scientist when you grow up."
To which she replied, "oh mommy, I cannot be a scientist when I grow up.  I'm going to be way to busy being on the show Wipeout!"
Oh well...I can still have high hopes.  =)

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