Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Lesson in Shopping

You know that sign that says "You break it...you buy it!"  Well does that really count for a toddler throwing the item and then it breaking? 

I was standing in Ross the other day debating some new wall sconces to hang in my bedroom.  It was just me and Graham and I had him in the stroller...so I thought I was safe.

Mistake #1:  Having a toddler in a stroller does not mean you are safe from fits or throwing things...his arms are still free.

So as I was standing there debating the sconces he started to fuss a bit...nothing major...just the usual "come on Mom I'm bored" fuss. 

Mistake #2:  Never stand and debate ANYTHING longer than 14 seconds when shopping with a toddler...make that 7 when you are on the breakable aisle.

To sooth his little whine, I handed him part of the sconce that I was STILL debating.  At first I thought it was just a plastic globe that goes over a candle.  Little did I know that it was really thin glass.

Mistake #3:  Never hand anything to a boy in a store...THEY ALWAYS THROW IT!

Immediately he was happy.  "Sweet...Mommy gave me something to break!!" he squealed with glee.  As soon as I heard that squeal I knew I was in trouble.  I was reaching to take the globe out of his hand before he could lift his arm to throw, but I was too late.  Some how a Matrix moment happened and he was able to lift it above his head and send it sailing across the aisle before I could grab it from him.  When it hit the ground it shattered.  
It was one of those sounds that cause complete silence from all directions.  
I knew that everyone in the store had heard it...and they were all wondering what I was going to do.
That is when the Good Brittney Angel and the Bad Brittney Angel popped up...right on cue.

" Why did you give that to him?  Now you can't debate these anymore and you have to buy them!" -Good
"Hold on a minute missy...you technically didn't break it!"-Bad
"So are you going to make Graham pay for it?  NO YOU BIG DUMMY!  You have to buy it now!" -Good
"No you don't.  Just set it down and walk away.  Half the stuff at this store is broken anyway." -Bad
(At this point I was leaning toward my bad angel...I know...I'm ashamed to admit it...but she had a good argument!)
"Listen...you really do like those sconces...just buy them so you don't feel bad later...because you know you will!"-Good
(At this point Graham must have heard my angels arguing because he turned around with his big beautiful eyes and smiled at me.  Even though he is only one I knew I would have to explain myself to him.)
So I followed my good angel.

And the sconces look great on my wall!


  1. I knew your good angel would win. The sconces look great on your wall.

  2. Are these the sconces you used Grahams toy hammer to hang on your wall?