Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lilly Holland or Donald Trump?

Attitude is a big deal in our home.  We do not tolerate talking back or any other form of sassyness from Miss Priss. 
Lately she has taken on a whole new form of attitude...and the only way I know how to deal with it is to look away and laugh.

I'm really not sure where she heard this, but Lilly has picked up on the phrase "You're Fired!"  We don't talk about people getting fired from work, and we don't watch The Apprentice.  Yet somehow Lilly uses the phrase "You're Fired!"  all the time, and in the correct way. 
For example:  the other day Lilly said to me, "Mommy...if you don't let me sleep in the living room tonight I'm gonna fire you!"  or how about when she told Tim, "Daddy...come play with me or you're fired!"   And she often fires Dave and her other guys from whatever game they are playing.
These little statements have completely caught me off guard.
On any normal day (ha) I would correct Lilly if she spoke to me with a sassy attitude.  If the sassyness continued she would get a timeout or spanking depending on the way she spoke to me.  But this little "you're fired" phrase has given her a little wiggle room.  In her own little way she has been able to "tell" me what to do and then throw in the fired phrase to save her hide.  It's also the way she makes her voice sound when she says it.  She puts this silly little high pitch sound at the end of each demand...and makes herself even more adorable.
Now I know I cannot allow this Donald Trump-likeness to continue, but for now I will giggle under my breath and try to keep the sassyness at bay.
        What's even crazier is how she was
able to get a Trump comb-over all on her own!
Now I'm really starting to wonder...

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