Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh the innocence...

Lilly is such a smart little four year old.
This was worth more than just a little Lillyism quote...
Our nightly routine includes reading one or two books to the kids...well usually just Lilly because Graham is not interested.  We always read the title and the author to her, but tonight Tim also read who the book was dedicated to.  This is how the conversation went:
Tim:  "For Nancy Boyd"
Lilly:  "Who is that?"
Tim:  "Oh, just someone the author dedicated the book to."
Lilly:  "Who's the author?"
Tim:  "Marilyn Janovitz"
Lilly:  "Who?"
Tim:  "That's the name of the lady who wrote the book."
Lilly:  "Oh...and she wrote it for Nancy Boyd?"
Tim:  "That's right."
Lilly:  "Well did she accidentally send it to me on accident?"

This just made me smile and giggle.  I love her innocence.

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