Friday, October 29, 2010

The Apple Didn't Fall Far from the Nerd Tree

I'm not a complete dweeb...but I have my moments.

At a party in middle school a magician asked for someone to yell out a geometric shape.  Having just studied geometry that week in math, I yelled out "parallelogram!"  to which the magician ignored.  He proceeded to look around the room and say, "does anyone know a shape?"  To which I replied even louder, "rhombus!"  At this point the whole room of parents and middle schoolers are laughing at me, but I didn't care.  I knew that those were geometric shapes...I just didn't know the magician was looking for someone to say "square" or "circle". 
I was proud of my knowledge!
And I had no idea that you could pass down nerdiness...until about a week ago.
At a birthday party for my godson I saw a piece of my nerd-gene that was passed to Lilly.
We were doing a treasure hunt at the party and Eric, the birthday boy's dad, was reading the clues out to all the kids.  One clue said something about finding the biggest nerd in the crowd and that was who had the next clue.  All of the preschoolers looked at him like a dummy, so he had to elaborate.  He said, "Who is the biggest nerd here?"  (Implying his teenage nephew)  Well my innocent little Lilly shot her hand up so fast and proud she almost fell over.  We all giggled under our breath.  Eric, trying not to burst into laughter, repeated himself, "who is the biggest nerd here?"  To which Lilly shouted "ME!" and raised her hand even bigger. 
At this point I had a flashback.
My palms were sweaty. 
I held my breath.
I didn't know how she would handle everyone laughing at her.
But to my surprise she was super proud to be a self-proclaimed nerd.
And I proudly said, "That's my girl!"

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