Thursday, October 7, 2010

A 9 Month Blur

Tomorrow my little guy will be nine months old...I have no idea where those nine months have gone!  I look back over these nine months and I cannot help but laugh at what a funny little guy he is turning out to be.  Here are just a few things that he does that make me smile:
-wrinkles his nose when he smiles
-claps at everything
-crawls like a bulldog
-loves playing with his nightlight...while it's plugged in
-can't stay away from the toilet
-loves his stuffed animal monkey by attacking it 
(I have to wash this poor little guy every few days because it is always covered in slobber!)
-yells while eating
-loves bath time...and splashing
-impossible to change 
-plays in dog food
-loves absolutely everything about life

I've loved every second with him and I cannot wait to see what new things he will discover tomorrow!


  1. You're lucky you can get his monkey away from him to wash it. Can't wait to meet him next month.

  2. You know why he crawls like a Bulldog right? Because he will not be wrongly indoctrinated by his father, but will support the true Georgia team the Dawgs!