Thursday, August 26, 2010

Here I go!!!

Ok, so I'm new to this whole...blogging thing...but I guess I will give it a try! 

I was recently inspired by Aunt Sue to write a book about life at the Holland house.  She came down from Iowa for a visit and felt that our house held some interesting things that other folks might like to read.  Maybe it was the way my daughter turned into an oompa-loompa after eating strawberries, or the fact that my son likes licking floor vents...I don't know what made her think that someone might find our life funny!  Either way, the thought of attempting a book scared me, but blogging could be fun!  I'm kind of looking at it like a diary!  Except you have discovered it under my bed and are reading it...shame on you!

So I will now raise my glass to my first blog entry and call it a night...and hope that I can learn to navigate this site and make my page look more appealing.  And I can only hope that my next entry will be even better!

To all you pro-bloggers out there...if you have any tips I would appreciate them.

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