Saturday, August 28, 2010

The First Word

So yesterday was an exciting day in the Holland house.  My little man Graham said his first word!! 

In the morning he always watches his daddy go out the front door to work.  Since he has learned to crawl, he takes off for the door...usually crying.  Yesterday he took off for the door, hollering at the top of his lungs, dadadadadadadadada!  I thought, "oh, how cute...there's no way he said dada though."  For the rest of the morning I proceeded to brainwash my son with
"say mama...mama...mamamamamamamamama"  And each time he would laugh at me.
Lunch time came around and we loaded up and headed to McDonalds (still too hot for the park down here).  I joined two of my best buds for chicken nuggets, apples, and dirty playground feet, only to hear them say "I think Graham is saying dada!"  Well...I was still not ready to give in. 
For the next couple of hours I kicked up the brainwashing a notch...I had Lilly join me.  So between the two of us we said "mama" about 4.5 billion times.  And each time Graham would laugh at me. 
As Tim pulled into the driveway I said "Lilly, Daddy's home," only to hear my little man scream "DADA" and ferociously crawl to the front door. 
So I gave in.  My little man, who only wants ME at 2am, and who only chews on ME with sweet potatoes all over his face, and who crawls over mountains of laundry to get to ME...said Dada first. 
At least he is the greatest Dada in the world.


  1. Welcome to the blog world. Now I can keep an eye on what your family is doing.

  2. I love it, Brittney! He's growing up so fast!!