Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Wee...Wee Problem

+++I will be tastefull in this blog as it might embarrass my little man someday+++

Wee have a problem.
It is not a huge problem, but a wee problem.

The day Graham discovered he had a "wee" I knew wee were in for it.  You can weefresh your memory with that link if you have forgotten.
Ever since that hysterical day wee have not been able to get him to leave "it" alone.  There are several times during the day that it bothers him.  These times happen to be after he wakes up from sleeping all night and after his nap.  He will often shout at the TOP of his lungs "MY WEE WEE HURTS!"  This has been shouted all over my house, in the carpool line at school, in every grocery store in Henry county and in nice quiet places like the doctors office or the library.  Needless to say, wee have gotten used to these "attacks" and have learned how to deal with them. (Usually some loud shushing and throwing a hand over his mouth).
The other day Graham discovered a way to alleviate this "discomfort" for himself. 
As wee were in the booth at Truett's I turned to see my sons two hands down his pants and diaper. 
I pulled them out quickly and said, "Graham...what are you doing?"
To which he replied in a normal tone, "My wee wee hurts"
I said, "Ok, but why are you putting your hands in your diaper?"
He said, "just cause".
REALLY?  How did my two year old know to respond like that?
Ever since then I have seen him do this many times:
Watching TV (hmmm...did he pick this up from Daddy?)
Reading a book
Even outside while riding his bike.  He has one hand on the handle and one hand in his pants!
(that's talent...I don't care who you are!)
So on one hand wee have solved the problem of the wee wee shouts, but now I always wonder "where exactly have those hands been?" 
Oh well...another challenge in this mysterious world of boys.  So while I try to figure this one out, I will just look at this adorable face and thank the Lord for my funny and precious little man.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Signing of the Santa Treaty

I am still learning about the exciting world of...boys!  Not that I haven't been a careful observer my entire life, but this is the first time I have ever lived with and raised one!  So these "boys" are always coming up with something new to show me and to teach me.
Take for instance...bad guys.
Somehow my two year old has developed an interest in good guys and bad guys.  I don't know where he picked it up...I think it was just engrained in his soul.
Suddenly things are very black and white with him.
Good guy....Bad guy (but it really sounds more like goo guy, bat guy when he says it)
I am quite certain that I have never sat down with him and labeled his toys good guys and bad guys.  And I know for certain that I do not point out people in a restaurant and label them...
Graham however, does.

A few weeks ago we ventured to the magical world of Disney.  It was amazing.  Everything about the trip was perfect.  From the weather, to the kids behavior, and even me walking 3.5 billion miles while being 25 weeks preggo and horrible vericose veins.  We had several hilarious events happen, but one in particular started showing me that my curious little man is really trying to figure people out.
At dinner one night Graham kept looking over at the table beside us and pointing.  We would quickly put his hand down and tell him not to point.  He continued this for several minutes before he put a few words to his pointed finger.  It took me a few seconds to realize what he was muttering, but he kept saying, "Uh Oh...bad guy" over and over again.  I ignored it at first because it was very quiet, but then he started feeling threatened by the older man with the long white beard.  So he said it louder, "UH OH...BAD GUY!!"  I quickly shushed him and turned to the gentleman.  This was when I realized that he looked very similar to the dreaded Santa Clause.  Graham and Santa do not have a good relationship.  I apologized to the man but he just laughed.  (Thank goodness Santa has a sense of humor. ) 
A few weeks later we were leaving the park when Santa pulled up in an old BMW wearing a red t-shirt.  (side note...I find it very interesting that Santa where's red in the off season!) Even from a distance Graham could spot the thick white beard.  As soon as Santa got out of the car Graham shouted, "UH OH...BAD GUY!!!"  To which Santa responded with a very sweet wave.  I said, "No baby, that's Santa Clause"  This caused Graham to pause.  He looked at the man and said, "hmmm...Da Clause?"  (That is what Graham calls Santa.)  I said, "yes he is a good guy"  and that seemed to suffice.  Graham politely waved. 
I don't know for sure, but I think they signed a secret peace treaty at that moment.  To Graham, Santa is now a "goo guy".  I think I'm going to run with this one for the rest of the year and maybe we will get a good Santa picture this's worth a shot!