Friday, February 3, 2012

Loving my new son

To my darling Ezra:

Today I am 20 weeks pregnant with you my son.  I have not blogged about you yet because it hasn't seemed real.  Life is so busy with your sister and brother.  We go to school everyday, play ball and trucks, clean house and cook dinner.  You have been on my mind this whole time, but just recently  you have wiggled your way into my heart...literally.  I have recently begun to feel you move, and just like that you are real.  I am even starting to sense some curiosity in your little being.  You love to kick at the seatbelt when I am driving.  It is almost every single time I get in the van to drive.  It always makes me smile. 
Today we got to see you again.  You have grown so much.  Weighing in at a whopping 12 ounces!  The doctor said you are super healthy...which makes Mommy so happy.
Your brother and sister saw you today too.  They were so excited to see you move your arms and legs and most of all to open and close your mouth.  You have become incredibly real to them today.  Your 2 year old brother has even started lifting my shirt and kissing you saying, "Wuv you Ra-Ra" 
That has quickly become your nickname:  Ra-Ra
Your real name, however, is Ezra Chastain Holland.
We feel very strongly that the Lord your God has given you this name.
The Hebrew translation of Ezra is "Helper" but I have also read other translations which give you the title "He will bring the people back to God" 
That's a pretty tall order...but I know God already has big plans for you.
Chastain is your middle name.  That was mommy's maiden name.  You come from a long line of strong Chastain men, but your Chief is the strongest.  He will be a good man to look to for wisdom.
Holland is your last name.  You already show the strong Holland traits in your profile.  This is a good name.  One that you can be proud of and look back through the generations and find men who loved the Lord.
We are proud of your name, my son, and we hope you will be proud of it too.

Here are some pictures of you!

Just a wee little peanut at 8 weeks.  We called you June Bug at this stage because all we knew was that you would be arriving in June 2012
 Looking like a real baby at 16 weeks!  This is when we found out you were a boy!  Dr. Dozier let me get a sneak peak of you because she is so cool!

Really plumping up at 20 weeks!  We saw you move around and open and close your sweet little mouth. 

So rest well my son.  Eat a lot and continue plumping up.  I cannot wait to meet you in a few months and hold you. 
Until then, give me lots of wiggles!
I love you-Mommy


  1. I was very moved by your post, Brittney. Hoping to meet Ezra next summer.

  2. So fun to read your post and think about how quickly my pregnancy with Drake went. Take time to enjoy it amongst the busyness of life with two other little ones at home.