Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy 18 Months!

Dear Grambo,

I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful little boy you are becoming!  

Of course you have always been fabulous...but who am I've been a handful for about the past 10 months.   
The 15 months of sleepless nights.
The evening anger...or colic...who knows!
The holding your breath until you pass out because your sister had your get the picture.

But now...I don't's like you have started growing up a little.
Now you sleep through the night!!!!!  
Now you know that mommy can't hold you while I'm cooking dinner...and you're ok with it!!!!
Now you only turn a slight shade of blue while holding your breath!!!!  (glad to have learned the trick of spritzing him with water to snap him out of it)

And through all of these learning stages you have become more and more snugly and lovable!   

I love the way you look at me.  No one in the world...not even your Daddy...looks at me the way you do.  
I love the way you are so proud of me when I play a softball game.  You are my biggest fan!
I love the way you say my name 22 times in the car so I will look at you in the mirror...and then you give me the biggest cheesy grin!
I love the way you have started smiling at the camera...instead of being insulted by it.
I love the way you think Lilly is the most amazing person to walk the earth and that anything she does deserves to be copied.
I love the way you dance in the middle of the store to whatever song is on...Justin Beiber or not.
I love the way you love your "Deef" (Chief) and your "Bop-Bop" (Pop-Pop)
I love the way food excites you...and always gets a happy dance.
I love the way you tell me it's time to listen to music by waving your hands in the air.
I love the way you are insulted by a high chair or booster seat.
I love that you are still not on the percentile chart at the doctor for height or weight...and they are cool with that!
I love that you love to slide backwards, and that we have to all swing together on the swingset...because we are a family!!
I love the way you run to your "Da-Da" when he comes through the door.

And I could go on forever...

So happy 18 months my son.  You are amazing.


  1. What a precious little much to love about him! And what a sweet, precious letter from his mother to him.