Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pant's on the Ground...and other reasons I stay home.

Every day is an adventure...especially when it involves leaving the house.

Most of the time I only leave my house with all 3 kids when it is absolutely necessary.  I have proven to myself time and time again that I can do it alone, but I just prefer not to.  You know a mom really doesn't have three hands, so for safety purposes it's just easier to stay home.

However, there are times that I do take all three cuties out alone and it is usually for a quick run to the store.  Ha...I just realized I used the word quick...there has NEVER been a "quick" run to the store.

For example:

The other day I realized that there were a few items I needed at the store for dinner that night.  After everyones nap was done and no one was hungry I new I had a short window of opportunity to run to the store.  As we were driving I noticed some dark clouds in the distance.  I pushed the gas a bit harder because I did not want to try and get all of us out if it was raining.  When we pulled up to the store it was sprinkling.  I barked out the game plan of getting out before we all got soaked.  Everyone was on board with the plan.  We broke from the huddle and took off running across the now steady rain soaked parking lot.  With Ezra in his car seat in my left hand, Graham holding my right hand, and Lilly holding Graham's hand we dashed across the lot.  Suddenly Graham started screaming, "my pants fall down my pants fall down!!"  I stopped to see my 2 year olds plaid shorts around his ankles and his cute little white booty showing all of the Publix customers.  That's when I realized I forgot to put his underwear back on after nap time. 
Now we are all soaked because the rain is coming down in sheets.
I scooped my naked son up, my screaming baby, and my stunned 6 year old and waddled as fast as I could to the store.  (why I didn't go back to the van and go home...I will never know)
Once in the store I proceeded to re-dress my son and wipe all of us off with my shirt...because that was all I had. 
As we strolled through Publix I kept hearing the rain getting louder and louder.  You know it's a bad storm when you can hear it in the grocery store.  I kept thinking surely it will stop any second.  But never did. 
Who has time to watch the weather these days!!  How was I to know we were going to get rain for the next 3 days!!! 
My window of opportunity was now coming to a close.  Ezra was getting hungry and my kids were wanting a snack. 
After I checked out I stood at the door and stared hopelessly at the storm.  Three sets of eyes were on me at this point wondering how I was going to be super mom and get us to the van.
Thankfully a good Samaritan woman came up to me.
She said, "honey...I saw you with those three babies and new I had to help you or you would not survive.  I will stay with the kids and you go get the car."
Normally I wouldn't allow a perfect stranger to do this...but I was desperate.  I dashed to the van (without an umbrella of course) and brought it up to the front of the store where the nice lady helped me get all three babes loaded up.  Oh the Lord definitely heard my prayer and sent that sweet lady to help me.  I was so thankful.

And that is why I try to avoid going out alone.  God knew what He was doing when he made parenting for two parents...not one.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Life Lately...

I realize that it has been since June 26th since I've posted about my new crazy life...and that is reason I have not posted...MY LIFE IS CRAZY!
It is in no way, shape or form a bad crazy; it's just busy.  Here is what has been going on since June 15.

Ezra is born.
Enter incredibly weird and horrible viruses and bacterial infections brought to us by the two older kids.
This means no baby touching and makes me feel like a horrible mom because all they wanted to do was kiss on him.
Enter Ezra's first 2 weeks old!
Thankfully he is nursing and it was a much easier form of the virus.
Potty training!
I was totally not expecting it, but Graham decided he was ready to be potty trained about 3 weeks into Ezra entering our home.  He put it this way, " no big kid!  Me go pee pee in potty now!"  And he never looked back.
Swimming lessons anyone?
Lilly took two weeks of swimming lessons this summer and learned to swim on her own!  It was such a big accomplishment for her...and pretty difficult taking all three of them everyday to the pool.
Family road trip!
We hit the road to FDR State Park for a long weekend and stayed in a cabin.
Kiddos loved every second of it and Ezra was a rockstar!
Enter kindergarten!!!!
Lilly is rockin' and rollin' her way through kindergarten.  She loves it!
Alone time with my boys.
This is different because Lilly has always been here, and now she is at school all day.  So it is just me and the boys. 
Graham is blossoming in the language department.
I attribute it to the fact that big sis is gone all day and he has extra time to talk.  We have covered subjects like our favorite bad guy, who is the best Brave, which tree would be the best to pee on, and how Jonah got put in time out in a whale belly...never a dull moment.

With all of this, plus so much more that I cannot remember, I have not had a second to sit at the computer. 
But it looks like we are starting to get into a routine and I will be able to post some more how I cannot make a wal-mart trip without it taking 3 hours, and how our first Sunday at church with a family of 5 was a disaster...and lots more silly stories.

Until then, I will continue loving on my three adorable babes and living out my crazy life.  =)